Product design

The project was developed in the Hardware & Software course, during the first year of my master of Science. The output was to create an interactive object hacking a Jansjö Ikea lamp and transforming it by using the Arduino uno board. Me and my team (3 peple) decided to develope 01 Lamp. Everyone of us participate in every step of the project development. Mainly I contributed in the realization of the physical/electrical prototype; I organized the time schedule and work division; I created some digital contents and I've helped in filming the video part.


The vision of our project is to give people the opportunity to personalize their space by reflecting their emotions.


Our mission is to use an RGB sensor to allow the light to switch color, thus meeting the user’s needs


01 is a lamp that allows the user to customize a space by changing color to an RGB light. A mood is associated to each color. The user can choose the color of the light according to his mood from a palette of colored cards.


Journey Map

Flow Diagram

Making it

The desk lamp, which has really small dimensions (15x10x5 cm), is composed by different parts and materials. A Jansjö Ikea lamp is put on a block of massive wood that is pinned to the white plastic part. The two parts are hollow inside to contain all the electronic components. The touch button is placed on the plastic part and the slot is positioned on the opposite side. The power cable coming from the wooden part lets the user connect the lamp to the electricity. The Jansjö lamp is painted using a matt aluminum polish finish. Now, using 01 lamp, colouring the space with a personal mood is just a matter of touch.


Slot for RGB color capture

Touch button

RGB led

The user can choose between seven different colours linked to seven different feelings: purity, passion, harmony, peace, positivity, energy, romance. The emotions are portrayed by a palette of cards and a writing on the card shows the mood associated to the colour.

Pick up your color and show your mood