Merz8 and Mars

Virtual Reality

Thesis project, Master of Science.
Collaboration with Museo Astronomico di Brera

The project concerns the development of a new interactive
exhibition, designed in collaboration with MUSAB, to improve
the User Experience during the visit at the museum.
The Cupola Schiaparelli has been reproduced in VR, contrasting its
accessibility problems. During the virtual visit, the user has
the possibility to learn content related to Brera astronomers and
and at the end of the experience, the user con visit
their discoveries the Mars surface, linked with Schiaparelli's studies.

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A schientific paper about the project has been published at Proceedings of the ASME 2020.
The virtual visit at the museum has been presented at MeetMeTonight 2020.
A video of the VR app has been presented at Milano Digital Week 2021.

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