Product design

The project was developed in the first part of the "Concept Design Studio Lab" (one month). The output was to create a future scenario, starting from different trends and to design a suitable product for this new context. I was in a team with other three students. We realized Slumbr starting from a scenario in which nature and technology are mixed up to help people livng a better life. So technology becomes a silent guide to follow in everydaylife... but what if it becomes a real mind controller?

Trend Research

Focus & Scenario


Slmbr is a tracking device for dreaming subconsciousness.

Trought Slumbr people can interact with their subconscious, exploring their deepest part. Revealing the real meaning of the dreams, Slumber can translate the inner feelings and instincts of the user in order to let him achieve diferent goals and give him advice about some difficult choices of everyday life. Slumbr works as an advisor that can warn people about some of their wrong behaviours or choices. It takes its suggestions analizyng the sleep quality and the dreams contents.

In this way Slumbr helps people to reach a balance, living the life that they wish in the inner, even if they don't know it yet.