Product design

The project was developed in the two weeks Workshop, organized during the first year of my master of Science. The output was to create an interactive product, starting from some different guidelines. Teachers mixed us up in teams basing them on our skills. I worked with other 4 people to create Glink. Everyone of us has been envolved in every stage of the project development. I mainly helped in the concept and scenario ideation, in the time schedule/work organization, in the decision of the pen technology and aesthetic and in some graphical aspects regarding the presentation of the project. I realized the physical prototype, the storyboard, the logo and the app structure and features.


415 milion people in the world have to face diabetes using ugly medical devices


Our challenge is to find new aestethics in wearable devices, especially for young diabetic people


What could happen in 5 years? We explored new technologies not yet on the market to envision better opportunities for the future


The System

Starting from the concept idea, we developed several sperimental prototypes of the pen and the tattoo to conduct the user test and analysis. We realized an online survey, a direct interview and we involved a diabetic friend of us in every stage on the design process.

We mainly change the shape/ergonomy of the pen and make the website more costumizable. We defined the belly as the best area fot the injection and the foreharm as the best one for the tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo

Monitoring glucose

The temporary tattoo, thanks to the gluco-sensor detects the glucose present in blood. The tattoo changes color according to the level (high and low) thanks to a gluco-cromic ink and giving the visual feedback to the user If the level gets dangerous for the user, the tattoo can rlease a small electrostimulus. This haptic feedback prevent any worries in dangerous situations. All the values can be checked on the app, by putting the phone on the tattoo on the arm, thanks to the NFC sensor. The tatoo has to be replaced every 15 days.

The user has the possibility to choose between many different tattoos or costumize his personal one through the website.

Injection Pen


For injecting the insuline we designed a pen that works without needles. It contains a changeble noozle that can be charged usign a 3ml cardrige and an adaptor. The pen allows the user to have a safe injection without worring about the needdle and thanks to the improved minimalilstic aesthetic of the products it doesn’t remind to a medical device. Advantages of needle-free injection:

  • Prevent skin puncture hazards and skin destruction
  • No bleeding, no bruising
  • Quick and effective
  • Elimination of needle phobia

  • Smartphone App

    The smartphone application we designed presentes these features: measure glucose level; possibility to collect medhical exams; tips-articles on diet and fitness activity based on your routine; calculation of insulin to inject throught the diet and fitness diary collected by the user; possibility to share data ones a month with the doctor to keep a daily folder; alerts and notifications about monitoring and injections.